Discover a New Approach to Induction of Labor

  • Gentle and predictable cervical ripening

  • No pharmacological side effects

  • Easily managed on-site or at home

  • High level of patient comfort

  • Effective and safe for VBAC

Dilapan-S Induction of labor video

Multiple modes of action(1) mimic physiological processes of labor


-  Controlled pressure on the cervical wall dilates the cervix


-  Partial reversible osmotic dehydration softens the tissue


-  Promotion of endogenous prostaglandin release

-  causing collagen degradation and tissue restructuring

Dilapan-S® doesn't contain any pharmacologically active substances that could be released during its use

Recommendation for the Treatment Regimen

The use of Dilapan-S® is linked with minimum uterine activity during the ripening process

“Onset of regular uterine activity as a result of preinduction is a negative and unwanted side effect”

Roztočil et al.: Kontroverze a chyby v indukci porodu, Moderni gynekologie a porodnictví, 2007


“The principal role of the agents used for cervical ripening is to soften an unripe cervix independent of uterine activity”

Ramos, L. S. et al.: Induction of Labor, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America, 2005

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