Tips for Insertion and Removal of Dilapan-S®

​To Insert Dilapan-S®:

  • Moisten Dilapan-S® with sterile water or saline to lubricate the surface prior to insertion.

  • A sponge forceps may be used to stabilize the cervix and to straighten the cervical canal.

  • Grasp Dilapan-S® at the handle. Gradually and without undue force, insert Dilapan-S® until it traverses the external and internal os.

  • Do not insert Dilapan-S® past the handle. The border of the handle should rest at the external os.

  • If inserting multiple Dilapan-S®, repeat the above steps for each one.

  • Do not leave Dilapan-S® in place more than 24 hours.

To remove Dilapan-S®:

  • Grasp the handle only with forceps and apply steady downward traction, in line with the long axis of the dilator. Do not twist excessively and do not use the marker string.


For detailed instructions for use, please read the leaflet in each pack.

Live Insertion Video Below

Caution: Live Insertion Video

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