Cervical Dilation Prior to the Instrumentation of the Uterine Cavity

Key Benefits


  • Termination of Pregnancy/ERPC

  • Fetal Demise/Miscarriage Management

  • In Vitro Fertilization, Embryo Transfer, Hysteroscopy, Endometrial Biopsy, etc.

In comparison with misoprostol, Dilapan-S® offers higher efficacy and better predictability, helping to avoid challenging situations(19,24)

  • Efficacy enables same-day D&E procedure in late 1st and 2nd trimester (18, 24)

  • Gradual atraumatic dilation

    • Significantly reduces the risk of cervical injury and suture repair(19)

    • Preserves full functionality of the cervix for future pregnancy

  • No pharmacological side effects

  • Minimizing risk of uncontrolled abortions, e.g., during the night

  • Evaluated by SFP Guidelines as the best product in its class of osmotic cervical dilators(19)

Proven Efficacy and Safety Prior to the Termination of Pregnancy

“After 14 weeks of gestation, osmotic dilators provide superior dilatation to medical methods (grade B)”
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: Evidence-based Clinical Guideline, No 7, 2011


“Osmotic dilators are safe and effective for preoperative cervical preparation prior to Dilation & Evacuation procedure (level A)”
Society of Family Planning: Clinical Guidelines, 2007


“Of all the available osmotic cervical dilators, Dilapan-S® achieves the greatest cervical dilation in the shortest time frame. For same day procedures, Dilapan-S® is preferable to laminaria.”
Society of Family Planning: Clinical Guidelines, 2007




Made of sea-grown plant



6 hours

12-24 hours

Approximately 3 times dehydrated diameter

Ethylene Oxide

Low. Its properties, shape, and dimensions are inconsistent since it's a natural product

Higher. Natural material. Residues of sterilizing agent can be present

Higher. More difficult to sterilize. Natural product can transfer spores


Made of patented hydrogel Aquacryl

3 and 4mm

55 and 65mm

2 hours

4-6 hours*

Approximately 4 times

dehydrated diameter


High, thanks to pre-defined synthetic material

Lower / insert synthetic material

Lower because of synthetic material

Risk of infection

Risk of allergic reactions

Predictability and consistency of action

Maximum dilation achieved

Time to maximum effect

Time to minimal effect





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